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I’m sad because a lot of blogs I like are choosing TS4 and completely dropping TS3. I just want to know if at least some people are sticking with TS3 or both TS3 and TS4

Work has just been kickin my ass but I’m off the next 3 days so I’ll FINALLY be able to play the sims!

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pixeljackpot made me some awesome Bama jerseys just in time for kick-off! I live in a college town so this was a MUST! She is so talented you guys if your not following her you should

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deathbyranting’s 1000+ Follower Gift!

1st Part: Sim Requests.

Cael Wilson for simofthecentury
Brooding | Rebellious | Avant Garde | Ambitious | Charismatic

Download Cael (x)

Cora Reid for solventsimsFlirty | Great Kisser | Irresistible | Hopeless Romantic | Kleptomaniac

Download Cora (x)

Turpin Evergreen for redvixensims
Brooding | Night Owl | Bookworm | Irresistible | Computer Whiz

Download Turpin (x)

Phill Olson for blobsandberries
Absent Minded | Bookworm | Natural Cook | Athletic | Grumpy

Download Phill (x)

Every sim comes with list of all their CC, .sim format.

TOU: Please don’t edit the sim’s facial structure or use as a base. You can edit everything else (traits, LTW, hair, clothes, anything). Don’t claim as your own or re-upload this sim to any paysites or similar. If you use this sim, please tag DEATHBYRANTING. I’d like to see how they’re doing.

2nd Part: Base Sims.

  • Can be edited as much as you like, go nuts.
  • Completely base game compatible.
  • Sims that come out from these bases can be used in any kind of challenge or as generation founders.
  • Give credit when credit is due.
Download Female Base (x)
Download Male Base (x)

Download Everything: (x)

You can find my sliders here (updated!): (x

I Hope you guys like and enjoy this little gift! :D

Thank you again, to all the wonderful people that follow me ♥♥♥

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hehe (¬‿¬)

hehe (¬‿¬)

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No joke. It gives you a list of options to choose from such as small talk, insults, and pickup lines. I choose pickup lines and some of the phrases were:

"Did you get your hair from a silkworm?"

"Can I smell your ear?"

"Is that your real neck?"

I’m on the line with them right now! lol


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Look who I found! I didn’t know she had a baby

Those of you who have made me berry sims they are either running around town starting a family or they are waiting to be a future spouse. They WILL be used.

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nice outfit

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