Tess Terr | a blank canvas sim

I made her while I was cleaning out my CC so I didn’t have to stare at ugly default EA sims the whole time.

Sliders  - she’s not slider-heavy, I think you mainly need Head Shape (in the .zip) and Bridge Nose Width

There’s really no TOU, you don’t even need to tag me.

Finally!! I’ve been waiting for this awesome chic to do this for awhile now. Her sims are amazin <3

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where can i find this cutie's hair? /post/83652611760/the-pout
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So I’ve decided to just not do my vanilla legacy because for 1 I don’t like it, 2 it’s like work, & 3 I’m not a story teller there for it sucks haha so I’m just getting rid of it but if anyone wants the sims I used or whatever just inbox me

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Chamomile got a tan! Anyways he rolled  Great Kisser ;)

I need to find him a lady and I’m thinking a foxtail lady perhaps? Idk we shall see

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Crap….forgot it was his birthday I’m just such a great parent

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and he is too darn cuteee 

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She’s so pretty ><

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Some mother-daughter time at the beach 

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♫♪They see me rollin, they hatein♫♪

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I don’t post enough pics of him but here is sweet ole Astral 

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